Charlottesville and the Media

When I heard about what happened in Charlottesville, I was upset, as many people across the world were. How is it 2017 and that behavior still exists? How are their people that are still so full of hate towards other people based on the color of their skin??

For starters, black people weren’t chosen as slaves because white people felt their skin color was inferior to theirs. It was simply based on convenience. Africa was a key point in the triangle trade. Africa sent their own people to be slaves for goods. It wasn’t until these Africans became slaves that skin color began to be a marker in identifying them as inferior.

In fact, Irish people were the first race to be called the “n-word.”

But that word is typically associated with black people today. As a white person, I cannot speak for the black community on whether or not they should still use that word. Some blacks believe it is too painful a word to speak, while others believe they have the right to reclaim it and change its meaning. Either way, I feel I do not, as a white person, believe it is a word I should include in my vocabulary, which is why I don’t understand how there could still be white people today freely using that word and also judging others based on skin color.

Then, I came across a very interesting perspective by Candice Owens, a black female with a vlog series called “The Myth of the ‘Coon.’”

In this video, Candice addresses the Charlottesville attacks, as requested by her followers.

She first introduces some facts.

She says that before black people begin to freak out about these attacks, they need to hear these facts. The first fact she lists is that 93% of black homicides are committed by other black people. She then says that 84% of white homicides are committed by other white people.

She says some people blame Donald Trump for different issues and others blame Barack Obama.

Who she says we are to blame though, is the media. Whoa.

Let me say, I am not saying the Charlottesville events did not upset me, because they did. I just like how this girl, an African-American female, spoke a little truth. She says what she is afraid of is the oppression in our education and prison systems that prevent the black community from escaping the life of crime and poverty they are destined to be, and that those are issues are rarely, if ever, discussed by the media.

Remember when Brock Turner was labeled as a “college athlete” in the media headlines, instead of “rapist pig” like he so rightfully deserved to be called? If he were black, the media probably would have said “Black male rapes white woman.” You know I’m right. I agree with Candice, the media sucks.


Here is the link to Candice’s full video:


Let me note one final thing: As a future educator, I would like to make it my mission to not allow any of my students fall to the statistics in which they are placed (according to societal standards) base on their races, sexes/genders, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses. Just because these issues are not regularly broadcasted or discussed, doesn’t mean they don’t exist, so I will make it my job to bring awareness to these issues.


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