The Epidemic of Sex Slavery

I am heartbroken when I hear how some women are treated in some cultures. While we American women fight for our equal rights everyday, some women with no rights are fighting to stay alive.

When I read Eve Ensler’s article “Bureau of Sex Slavery” I felt sick.

“Forty to 50 year old women were priced at $41, 30-40 year old women at $62, 20-30 year old women, $82 and 1-9 year old children, $165.”

I can’t fathom a 30 year old strong man raping a one year old child. The idea is inconceivable and outraging.


Sex slavery is everywhere. It’s an epidemic. There is even sex trafficking in the United States. When I visited the Czech Republic (or Czechia) I was informed that they are one of the highest sex trafficking countries in the world. There are people trying to stop it, but their efforts can only go so far.

I think sometimes, we (as a country)  get so caught up in one issue that we neglect others. I understand fighting for women’s rights is highly important; however, as far as I am concerned, we women here in the United States have it much easier than women in Iraq and Syria. I’m not suggesting we drop all of the women’s rights issues we are focusing on, but that we also look at global feminist issues, such as sex slavery. This issue needs more attention because it is happening to women and children everywhere. Feminism isn’t about sticking up for issues close to home, but issues that are affecting women everywhere.



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